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Akasha Sacred Singapore

Akasha Flower cards & Avatar Essence cards (Chinese)

Akasha Flower cards & Avatar Essence cards (Chinese)

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"Flowers are an expression of divine beauty on earth" (Sun Ya)
With their flowers, colors and messages, the 49 Healing Cards open up a space for you to talk to your soul and your inner self. Let the maps inspire you if you ever get stuck. They  give wonderful impulses for a self-determined and happy life. 
You can use them
- as a positive motivation for the day.
- as an intention for your meditation.
- as mindful access to your inner being.
- as a suggestion to classify a situation.
- as support in processes of change.
- as inspiration for the next step.
- as an idea for a new perspective. 
- as an impulse for more clarity.
- as a ritual for mental and emotional strengthening.
- as an anchor to be present in the here and now.

The Healing Cards are like a personal coach who lovingly supports you. Who opens doors of knowledge, growth and joy for you.
The Healing Cards are assigned to the 7 chakras. For each chakra there are 6 flower or plant cards and 1 card of the pure color of the chakra. There are endless ways you can use them. You will find some in the enclosed Healing Cards book, you can get to know some more in our workshops. And beyond that, there are no limits to your creativity and playful ideas. 

Included in the Healing Cards set:
- 49 cards (with English affirmations)
- Book with applications and explanations
- Stand-up display
- All together in one box


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