Collection: Hair Care

Your hair is an extension of your nervous system and as such especially sensitive, which is why we should treat it with care. We also absorb the life force prana through our hair, using it as an antenna. With cleansed hair and scalp, you will be able to better perceive the subtle vibrations around yourself. Many cultures worldwide such as the indian or eastern Yogi culture are and have been well aware of these spiritual connections.

Our approach to hair care is as mindful, sustainable, nourishing and gentle as the loving care you would give to an organic garden. Our shampoos contain no or very mild tensides. When we wash our hair and scalp, we simultaneously cleanse our crown chakra and energy field. AKASHA SACRED shampoos are energetically powerful yet gentle on your body, our hair care and styling products moisturizing and strengthening.

As a special AKASHA SACRED tip, we recommend diluting the shampoo using our Mahi Diluting Bottle. This allows you to clean your hair in a more thorough and mild way - whilst giving the product higher coverage.