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Mahi Diluting Bottle

Mahi Diluting Bottle

For Shampooing

Our special care tip is to dilute the shampoo and conditioner. This cleans your hair more thoroughly and gently, and a bottle of your hair care product goes a long way.

Pour a small amount of the product into the Mahi dilution bottle. You can use the recommended filling quantity on the back of the bottle as a guide. Add warm water, mix and apply directly to the hairline using the applicator. Let it take effect, wash it off, done!

Tip: Even with a little foam, your hair will be clean. However, if the shampoo and water mixture in the mahi bottle doesn't foam you up enough, next time you use a little more shampoo. You can use the mixture for 1-3 hair washes, use it up within a week if possible, do not put it in the sun.

The Mahi dilution bottle has a capacity of 100 ml.
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